Your Small Business Online Marketing Checklist for 2017

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If you’re a small business owner, this is the perfect time to update your website – or ask your online marketing specialist to do it for you! If you sell products, you’ll be experiencing (or at least expecting) more online sales in the run up to Xmas and the January sale rush. If you sell services, December to January is probably your quietest time – making it ideal for a pre-spring clean.

Here are 4 simple ways to enhance your online marketing strategy now:

1.     Thank your customers

You’re probably already focused on expanding your customer base in 2017. Ambition is great, but your current customers deserve a little love, too! Why not thank them with an exclusive giveaway wherever they are engaging with your brand – in your email newsletter, on your Facebook page or via Twitter – for example. Don’t forget to write a brief but heartfelt message of thanks for their support of your business in 2016.

2.     It’s NAP time…

Make sure your business information appears consistently online – across all platforms. These entries (known as ‘structured citations’) usually include your business name, address and phone number – aka NAP. Now’s the time to ensure your NAP info is synced across all your channels. Not only is this better for customers, but it also aids your company’s local search results. If two or more of your citations contain conflicting information, such as an old phone number and a new phone number, search engines are more likely to prioritise results from a competitor whose NAP info is correct and consistent across all platforms.

  1. Boost your social media strategy

Whichever social media channels you favour, likes and follows are vital aspects of any online marketing campaign. They represent social proof – the phenomenon that means that the more followers and subscribers we see, the more likely we are to trust the company or individual and take action (e.g. buy). To boost your numbers this month, consider creating a giveaway or competition on Facebook that requires entrants to share your post and like your page. Pick your winner at random and make as big a deal about the winner as you did about the campaign for a bonus PR boost.

4.      Clean up your website

If you haven’t already done so, now’s the time to polish your site ready for new customers, and returning customers looking for Xmas presents or New Year bargains. To kick off the new year with a clean and organised website that’s primed for digital marketing success, check the following:

  • Consistency and accuracy in everything from landing pages to product descriptions – this creates a better customer experience and is great for enhancing your authority.
  • Links, especially social – there’s nothing more irritating to a visitor than a broken link, particularly when he or she wants to vouch for you via social media.
  • Copyright date and details in your site’s footer – get these updated in time for the new year to inspire trust and show visitors that you’re on the ball.
  • Blog, latest news etc. – has your content been updated recently? Your customers will appreciate news that’s actually new… and so will Google! Regular website updates are crucial to SEO.
  • Contact details, staff bios and ‘About’ page – it’s simply good housekeeping to ensure that these pages are current, and consistent NAP info will help your SEO (see above).
  • Conversion funnel – it goes without saying that converting needs to be as quick and easy as possible for your visitors, whether converting means buying or just signing-up.

We hope this inspires you to keep pushing for digital marketing magic this winter. But if you still need help with your online strategy, get in touch. With over 14 years’ experience and a crystal-clear approach to getting you results, we’re a digital marketing agency with a difference. It’s Website wizardry… without the arm-waving and mumbo-jumbo!

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